Friday, October 1, 2010

Why i chose O.S.E as my school 11/1/10

I chose oceanside for my school because i love the rp and all of my friends are here. I went to a previous and wasn't very happy. We didn't get grades or have recess or lunch. A friend of mine was telling me about oceanside right before it opened up. I was excited at the thought of going to a school that had clubs, teachers and people who cared. Im extremely happy i chose O.S.E and it was one of the best decisions i ever made

What Happened when i got scared once?? O.o 9/29/10

One of my most frightening times was when my rabbit went missing. I left him in his cage and went to swim practice. When i came back home his cage was empty. I searched everywhere and couldnt find him. Our neighbor has wild animals so i was afraid that thumper would be in alot of danger. I cried in my bed for a long time and it seemed like no one could comfort me. Then i found thumper under the house holdin it up. Wowzers hims a strong bunny.

Monday, September 27, 2010

How i feels bout halloween :p 9/27/10

I really loves halloween :). Its one of my favorite holidays because its one of the times that i can let my imagination run wild. I love dressing up. Every year my mommy and daddy get me a new costume. My mommy said when i was a baby during halloween i was the cutest little pumpkin she ever saw. I like to bake halloween cookies and go to the store and buy candy to give to all my friends. Sometimes we go hay riding or to a haunted house. I used to be scared but now im not. (as long as my daddy holds my hand) Going from house to house and seeing all the decorations is so cool. People carve pumpkins, give out candy, and even do tricks or tell jokes sometimes. I thinks halloween is a small reminder that i can be whatever i want to be; even if its just once a year.
I thinks i will celebrate halloween evens when im a old 12 year old lady, thats how much i love it.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

9/21/10 Journal What i learned this semester in miss nevy's class

So far i have learned alot in miss nevy's class. I learned nouns and adjectives and that was super fun. Miss nevy also taught me how to express myself threw writing in a journal. I learned how to make a blog and how to write poems. Most importantly i learned that i could be myself and come out of my shell. Miss nevy taught me that school can be fun, and iffen u ever get frustrated just say "RAWR'

Friday, September 17, 2010

9/17/10 What if a cow gave rootbeer instead of milk (i prefer pineapple soda)

If a cow gave pineapple soda instead of milk id definately buy a cow!! I love pineapple soda so much its crazy! I would invite over all my friends and tell them to get their glasses ready. I might even start a pineapple soda business and get rich.I think i could sponser all the school fundraisers and activities. I would give unlimited pineapple soda to the homeless.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The things i like about fall ♥ 9/15/10

I love many things about fall. The weather is so great and i love the assortment of colors. My mom bakes pumpkin pie and i get to jump in the leaves with all my friends.Halloween is a awesome holiday and i love walkin around with my friends and trick or treating. Thanksgiving is also in the fall. My family has a big feast and we all take time to appreciate how thankful we are for each other. Fall is my favorite season