Monday, September 27, 2010

How i feels bout halloween :p 9/27/10

I really loves halloween :). Its one of my favorite holidays because its one of the times that i can let my imagination run wild. I love dressing up. Every year my mommy and daddy get me a new costume. My mommy said when i was a baby during halloween i was the cutest little pumpkin she ever saw. I like to bake halloween cookies and go to the store and buy candy to give to all my friends. Sometimes we go hay riding or to a haunted house. I used to be scared but now im not. (as long as my daddy holds my hand) Going from house to house and seeing all the decorations is so cool. People carve pumpkins, give out candy, and even do tricks or tell jokes sometimes. I thinks halloween is a small reminder that i can be whatever i want to be; even if its just once a year.
I thinks i will celebrate halloween evens when im a old 12 year old lady, thats how much i love it.

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