Friday, October 1, 2010

Why i chose O.S.E as my school 11/1/10

I chose oceanside for my school because i love the rp and all of my friends are here. I went to a previous and wasn't very happy. We didn't get grades or have recess or lunch. A friend of mine was telling me about oceanside right before it opened up. I was excited at the thought of going to a school that had clubs, teachers and people who cared. Im extremely happy i chose O.S.E and it was one of the best decisions i ever made

What Happened when i got scared once?? O.o 9/29/10

One of my most frightening times was when my rabbit went missing. I left him in his cage and went to swim practice. When i came back home his cage was empty. I searched everywhere and couldnt find him. Our neighbor has wild animals so i was afraid that thumper would be in alot of danger. I cried in my bed for a long time and it seemed like no one could comfort me. Then i found thumper under the house holdin it up. Wowzers hims a strong bunny.